Residential Section

What is the Arcon Advantage

Simply put, the Arcon Advantage is our ability to listen, conceive and manage every aspect of your project. Whether it’s an office building, a multi-living complex such as attached housing or a dormitory, or a house, the Arcon team will make sure every job is done to specification, on time, on budget and with the highest quality materials available.

Design Flexibility

Every project is unique and modular construction allows for maximum flexibility from room to room and project to project.

Quality from Start to Finish

The best quality is guaranteed for many reasons. Arcon oversees all aspects of the job, the enclosed factory environment in the hills of Amish country in Pennsylvania means the outdoor elements are not a factor, workers are experts at the specific task they perform and we use the highest quality components available. We also pay less for materials because of our buying power.

Cost Savings

Modular buildings are almost always less expensive than other methods, turnaround is between 30-50% faster therefore allowing a turnkey project done faster, better and less expensive.

Environmentally Friendly

Modular construction generates less materials waste and less site disturbances than other site built structures.

Guaranteed Pricing

We come up with a fair price and stick to it.